Psychology Lab

Psychology is the foundation of teaching learning process. If a teacher fails to understand the psychology of the students, the teaching learning process gets hampered. Psychology lab is also important because it gives hands on experience, using different conditions to measures cause effect relationship and new theories. So, psychology lab is necessary in an institution.

Objectives of Psychology Lab

  1. To understand the psychology of students and extend them the counseling program.
  2. To measure the I.Q and E.I of the students.
  3. To give them idea about multiple intelligence theory which they can use in their profession.
  4. To make them understand the psychological needs of the students.
  5. To include the component psychology in the teaching learning materials.

Instruments of Psychology Lab

  1. Group Intelligence Test
  2. Thematic Apprehension Test
  3. C.I.E non verbal group test
  4. General mental ability test
  5. Picture Completion Test
  6. Block design test
  7. Picture arrangement test
  8. Digit symbol test
  9. Object assembly test
  10. Alexander's battery of performance test
  11. Individual performance test
  12. Ink block test
  13. Culture fair Intelligence test
  14. Creativity picture completion test
  15. Picture construction test