Language Lab

With the advent of Globalization, education has undergone a tremendous change. Certainly, it has its influence on education. Language is a vehicle which expresses unity of thought or simply we can say "Word illuminates world". In modern society language is integrated with life skills. So, language lab becomes significant, especially in acquisition of second language. In our college, language lab is extensively used for teaching various skills, like listening, speaking, reading and writing and also for enhancing professional capacity to make them a competent teacher of tomorrow.

Our language lab has following objectives

  1. To impart them effective teaching through CLT methods.
  2. To enhance their spoken skills through computer programs.
  3. To provide them authentic study materials.
  4. To make them skill oriented through the use of CALL.
  5. To develop their various skills, like-listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  6. To give them a comprehensive idea about audio-visual aids.
  7. To expose them to the real life learning situation.

Our language lab has following instruments

  1. Phonetics CD- ROM
  2. 4x8 Whiteboard
  3. Symposium Interactive Monitor
  4. Telex Discovery Headset with integral Microphone
  5. Technical lab Multimedia
  6. Activity Based language books
  7. Web Based Software
  8. Desktops with Internet Connection